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RUFOZ maintains a sunshine policy of collaborative engagements that integrates closely all progressive Civil Society Organizations that aim at developing Northern Province targeting grassroots communities. RUFOZ also embraces government policies, plans and programmes to meet its development aspirations through delivery of services and products; especially involving grassroots in the communities. RUFOZ employs strong research based methods to collect, analyse data and synthesize it to inform its internal policies and also use the same scientifically proven information to advocate for development while simultaneously engaging stakeholders in policy dialogue.
We are putting everything on the table and ask you to join hands with us to contribute to the development of our motherland.

Goal # One

To contribute to poverty eradication by promoting integrated rural development through entrepreneurship skills training, youth and women empowerment.

Goal # Two

To contribute to safe, adequate water provision and rural sanitation by establishing appropriate service infrastructure for water extraction, filtration, packaging and distribution.

Goal # Three

To promote food security among small-scale farmers by advocating for their increased participation in Climate -SMART- Agriculture practice and use of value addition.

Our Team

RUFOZ management is headed by an Executive Director who is an Ex-official of the Executive Board of Directors.


“Project Coordinator”

Caroline Mumba

“Executive Director”

Derick Mwenya

“Deputy Executive Director”

Richings Mwaba

“Director ICT”

Eugene Muleya

“General Secretary”

Kennedy Chongo

“Women's Desk”

Charity Wabo

Our Projects. Support Us

Peanut Project

In terms of products development, RUFOZ started with Peanut processing to produce cooking oils and butter. This is sold under RUFOZ women label. Targeting women for peanut processing comes from our knowledge that groundnuts are mostly grown by women even in our traditional setups. This is a lucrative business venture for the women as cooking oil is an everyday commodity for every household.

Bee Keeping Project

We engage men in beekeeping for the production of honey and beeswax. We are aware that beekeeping is mainly practiced among men. Currently, beekeeping tools and equipment allow men, women and youths to participate in beekeeping without restraints. Therefore, some form of beekeeping activities are carried out by men while under appropriate technology, both men and women are engaged.

Water Proccessing Project

We recognize the dangers of water Bourne diseases among rural people. Untreated water causes many diseases among local communities including diarrheal diseases like cholera and dysentery has caused deaths and costed Zambians money. We endeavour to work with simple, but effective home based Ultra-Violet water treatment equipment that can be fitted and operated with solar panels in villages.

Tree Planting Project

In order to achieve our vision of a greener future, we, together with other well wishers, want to contribute positively to protecting the environment. That’s how the Plant-A-Tree Project came about.

Child Labour Project

Educating vulnerable children aged 4-14 years about child labour. The project started in January 2019 and it runs up to data. These children are considered helpless and vulnerable (45 boys and 35 girls).

Financial Literacy Program

Formation of village banking concepts with vulnerable and gender based violence women survivors, which has worked well and reached out to 60 women in 3 groups of twenties from 2018 to date.

Alternative Energy Sources

Maize cobs are dense and relatively uniform, and they have a high heat value, with low Nitrogen and Sulphur contents, and can be collected during maize grain harvest and converted to charcoal.

Literacy Enhancing Project

Supporting voluntary teachers in teaching vulnerable young girls and boys at RUFOZ Literacy center in Kasama district. The literacy center is managed by volunteer teachers with support from RUFOZ.

Care for the Aged Project

The elderly are an integral part of a population of any country. However, due to changing family structure and modernization, elderly people are facing challenges to live their life respectfully.

Recent from our Activities

Micro Finance Project

July. 6th, 2019 621

Microfinance has become a real means of reducing poverty by improving both people’s standard of living and economic self-sufficiency. RUFOZ holds capacity building workshops to educate people on Micro Finance.

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School Re-entry Project

Sep. 15th, 2019 158

The Zambian government has allowed girls who fall pregnant to take leave and go on maternity and then continue with their education after delivery. RUFOZ educates the communities on the School Re-entry process.

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Waste Recycling Project

June 25th, 2020 256

Waste management should deal with the removal of the waste from the human environment. In this project, we aim to dispose of the waste by establishing a community based recycling plant making waste re-usable.

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